Campbell Center for Autism
(formerly P.A.L.S.)


Jessica  (Campbell) Traylor, Licensed and Board Certified Behavior Analyst, provides all therapy .  She works directly with each client without the use of  Registered Behavior Technicians (except in home programs).

1:1 Applied Behavior Analysis Intervention
The Board Certified Behavior Analyst evaluates each child and works with the family to create individualized intervention. The intervention’s focus can encompass the following: behavior, life skills, social skills, academics, sibling relationships, school shadowing, and community inclusion. This service is available for children across the spectrum of autism.

Social Skills Programs
The social skills programs are designed to give clients the opportunity to use their social skills training in real life settings. The Board Certified Behavior Analyst utilizes a skill-streaming curriculum to teach specific social skills and incorporates role-play, modeling and social stories.  Data is collected during social skills groups to monitor individual progress.  These groups are available for individuals ages five thru eighteen diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome or High-Functioning Autism. Sessions are viewed as a time for clients to look forward to, feel accepted, and have fun with familiar friends while strengthening their social skills and building friendships.

Parent Training
The Board Certified Behavior Analyst works with the parent teaching behavior management strategies to implement with the child.  This may occur with only the parent present or with the parent and child present.

IEP /BIP Consultation  
The Board Certified Behavior Analyst provides IEP and BIP consultation for families.  This can be facilitated during a consultation prior to the meeting, as a consultant attending the meeting with the family, as a school observation, and/or parent teacher conference.

Home Programs
The  Board Certified Behavior Analyst develops individualized treatment to be delivered in the home.  She implements and supervises the program while a Registered Behavior Technician on staff works with the child during weekly sessions.  These programs are for children that need much support or skill acquisition.

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