Campbell Center for Autism
(formerly P.A.L.S.)


During the summer of 2006 the P.A.L.S. pilot program accommodated seven children, diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder.  The program focused on improving social and life skills, appropriate behavior, independence and self-esteem.  It gave participants the opportunity to enjoy gymnastics, karate, yoga, music, bowling, and team sports, interactive games and many field trips into the community in a safe and accepting environment.  The program was very successful and has continued, in the form of social skills programs.



Jessica Campbell



Jessica (Campbell) Traylor
, Licensed and  Board Certified Behavior Analyst, has a  Master's of Science degree in applied behavior analysis and autism.  She is the founder of Campbell Center for Autism.  

Jessica is born and raised in Las Vegas and is proud to be a part of the Las Vegas autism community.  Jessica lived in San Diego while studying at the University of San Diego and earning a Bachelor's of Art degree.  Then she moved home to Las Vegas and in 2006 founded P.A.L.S. while working on a Master's of Science in Applied Behavior Analysis and Autism degree from the Sage Colleges.   Jessica became certified by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board  in 2010 as a behavior analyst.  She specializes in the treatment of individuals with an autism spectrum disorder and is celebrating 10 years working with the Las Vegas autism community.

At Campbell Center for Autism Jessica provides all intervention directly.  Jessica creates individualized ABA intervention programs, which she implements through one-on-one behavior therapy.  She designs and facilitates social skills programs for individuals with autism spectrum disorders.  Jessica provides IEP and BIP consultation for families.  This can be facilitated during a consultation prior to the meeting, as a consultant attending the meeting with the family, as a school observation, and/or parent teacher conference.   Additionally, Jessica  provides parent training to empower parents with effective behavior management strategies.  Registered Behavior Technicians are only utilized in home programs

Jessica is also an active member of the Las Vegas autism community.  She has provided community trainings on topics such as the characteristics of autism, implementing behavioral strategies, inclusion, and supporting transitions to adulthood.  Jessica is a member of the Nevada Commission on Autism Spectrum Disorders and participates in state legislative meetings.  She has served as Co-Chair of the Subcommittee on Workforce- University Programs- and Professional Training, and as a board member for LTO Ventures, a non-profit company that develops live, work, play communities for adults with autism spectrum disorders.

7530 W. Sahara, Suite 104 • Las Vegas, NV 89117
 • 702-260-2360 • 


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